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DENNIS MCKINNEY (aka DISTANCE) is a talented SINGER/ SONGWRITER from Memphis,TN. He now resides in the lively, cultural and diverse city of Dallas ,TX.

Music has played a huge part of his life since childhood. His mother, a Gospel singer, impressed her young son with her accomplished vocal style. Growing up to be a skilled dancer, DENNIS remembers many wonderful times playing records,singing and dancing with his brothers.

STEVIE WONDER inspired him greatly in his love for good music but he also names other greats that also influenced him. AL GREEN, PRINCE, MEMPHIS BAR-KAYS and ISAAC HAYES were tremendous influences to him. He admires and would love to work with JAY-Z in the future because of his in-depth knowledge of the industry and business. 

DENNIS records his tracks at ABSOLUEBEATZ in Dallas, Tx with longtime friend and business associate RAY X BOLLIN who is responsible for recording and engineering DENNIS' releases. 

In 2010 after releasing his first single, THE REST OF OUR LIFE, he also bgan releasing videos on YouTube which caught the attention of music lovers world wide. During this time he was also singing and performing with the CRUSADER CHIOR, a well known and long standing church choir in Dallas, Texas.

Dennis is an up and coming artist with over 30 songs in his vault including independent releases REST OF OUR LIVES, L.O.V.E. LOVE and ONE LOVE, ONE KISS. His sound is soulful, smooth and emanates love. His desire is to continue to connect and communicate, through his music, with people around the world, encouraging them to love, dance and sing along with him.

He tries to show by example  through his own life he shares with his beautiful wife KIMBERLY by his side and through his humanitarian efforts that he hopes one day can be sustained through his music.

DENNIS MCKINNEY has that smooth sound that is his own and engaging, his music is being discovered and enjoyed more as each day goes by. In his life and his music he strives to be the best person and artist he can become. He is certainly an artist that the fans, the industry and the world should keep their eyes on.



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