Soul music represents true facts of life, inspiration, feelings and understanding, and Uvee hayes twenty plus years as a recording artist have left thousands of fans and listeners delighted with her interpretations of her repertoire that includes everything Rhythm and Blues, Souls, Torchy Love Songs to the Delta Blues. She has the reputation of being a crowd pleaser and a consummate professional.

Uvee combines her classic Blues style with an urban edgeand with deep gripping and captivating lyrics. She has recorded more than nine albums cassettes and CDs wjth some of the worlds finest musicians includingTOM TOM WASHINGTON, OTIS CLAY, THE EMOTIONS, THERESA DAVIS, OLIVER SAIN, STEVIE WONDER, LUTHER INGRAM, THE PHEONIX HORNS, KEITH DODIER, JOHN MAY, RICH MCDONOUGH and many others.

She has appeared on shows with BOBBY RUSH, TYRONE DAVIS, IKE TURNER, LITTLE MILTON CAMPBELL, OLIVER SAIN, CLIFTON DAVIS, SYL JOHNSON  and countless artists and musicians around the country.

Previous CDs "THERE'LL COME A TIME" and "PLAY SOMETHING PRETTY" were favorites in St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri, throughout the South, and in the United Kingdom and the Far East. "TRUE CONFESSIONS" is still a big seller and her last CD, "IN THE MOOD" is still being re-ordered.

Her current Southern Soul CD, "NOBODY BUT YOU" is a favorite in the US, Europe and the Far East.She is due to release an Urban and Adult Contemporary very soon.

Her range in the interpretation of  material is remarkable, destined to reach a wide audience without compromising the stylishness and technique that she has created over her many years that she has been in the music industry.

UVEE understands that the Blues have many meanings, and some blues song often grasp the theme of love or the relationship between a man and a woman and Uvee interprets and delivers them elequently,with a superp and delicate sense of melody, blending effortlessly and combining with her creative energy. It establishes a very sunny and warm atmosphere for the listener that is concentrated in a positive way.

UVEE HAYES shows an exceptional natural capacity of creative and original work, along with strong individuality and imagination. She is not only unique and innovative, but she excels in vocals and lyrics.

UVEE HAYES: Charming, Beautiful and Talented and a Stellar Performer!


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